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I have known Dowell Idol first as the father of an extremely talented student (eight years of
lessons) and more recently as a respected colleague.

I knew volumes about Dowell's teaching from the excellent preparation and frequent monitoring
of his son Jason's piano practice. Technically he was rock solid and musically a natural. I have
also heard some of Dowell's advanced students play and I've always been impressed with the
teaching behind the performance. Dowell's studio recitals are amazing productions that feature
ensembles, solos, voice so the audience is enthralled.

Dowell is one of the most versatile musicians I know - he sings, accompanies, teaches, and
performs - all at the highest level. He keeps abreast of new repertoire while carrying on the
tradition of classical training. Every student who has studied with Dowell Idol is better off for the
experience, and some have reached extraordinary heights.

Suzanne W. Guy
Suzanne Guy
nationally-known piano teacher,
clinician, and author
I began studying piano with Dowell Idol when I was 8 years old.  I would have never guessed that
my life would be shaped around music at such a young age. However, it was the dedication and
passionate teaching of Mr. Idol that gave me the inspiration to make music my life.

Dowell’s teaching is all-encompassing.  He is able to relate a touch at the piano to the stroke of
a violin’s bow.  He can help students find laughter and stories inside the notes on the page.  I
remember countless lessons where he would hum a phrase, stop to think about it, and then
sing it again with words to bring the music to life!  It is this kind of imagination and creativity which
captivates the minds of children and adults alike who study with Dowell.

After ten years of piano with Dowell, I had a solid base of technique, musicianship, and repertoire
under my belt.  I was able to relate musical concepts from the piano to the trumpet (my other
major instrument).  I entered college with several prestigious music scholarships.  Thanks to
Dowell’s amazing influence on my life, I am now teaching band and piano!  I work hard everyday
to inspire my students to give their heart and soul to making music.  Thank you Dowell for
showing me what it means to give your all to music!

A. Allen Amos II
A. Allen Amos II
Piano Teacher
Director of Bands
Tucker Creek Middle School
Havelock, NC
Roman Bouchev
Piano Student
I have had several piano teachers, and Mr. Dowell Idol is the very best one!

I have always been interested in performing and composing music, and Mr. Idol is the first
teacher who was willing to create a program for me that would match my goals and skill level.

When it comes to taking piano lessons, having some talent and being willing to work are
important for success, but having a good teacher is even more important.  Mr. Idol always
motivates and encourages me to practice and improve without being pushy.  He has an ability to
explain things in very simple terms.  And I love his wonderful Steinway piano that we use for

Mr. Idol makes his students not just enjoy the piano lessons, but more importantly, enjoy and
love music!

Roman Bouchev
Having taken piano lessons for several years, our teenage daughters, Jordan and
Hannah, were growing a little bored and their skills had plateaued.  We were looking for
a teacher who would challenge and inspire them.  Dowell Idol was the perfect choice.  
He combines a wonderful teaching technique with a deep knowledge of music and
contagious enthusiasm.  In a short time he has taken our daughters’ musicianship to
new levels, earning superior ratings in state-level auditions.  

Dowell Idol has also been a wonderful piano teacher for our younger son.  He has built
a solid foundation for him which we are certain will serve Noah well in years to come.

In short, if you are looking for a piano teacher for a beginning student, or a teacher who
will re-inspire a more advanced student, Mr. Idol has earned our strongest
recommendation.  He’s wonderful!

Mike and Kelly Amedick
Jacksonville, NC
Jordan, Hannah and Noah
Piano Students
I started piano lessons with Dowell Idol at the age of 9, and studied with him until I graduated
from high school.  He is a wonderful teacher—motivating, nurturing, patient, and conscientious.  
He holds his students to high standards, which he balances with encouragement and kindness.
He always communicates the joy of making music.  His teaching gave me the foundation on
which to build my musical career.  

Thanks to his tutelage, I was able to attend college on a full piano scholarship.  Now, as a
concert pianist and professor of music, I am able to share my love of music with so many people,
in a variety of ways.  I am eternally grateful to have had good teachers like Dowell Idol, and
because of them I can be who I am today. Dowell was not only a fine teacher; he was and still is
a great friend.  

Dr. Roger McVey
Dr. Roger McVey
Assistant Professor of Piano
University of Wisconsin-River Falls
After years of going through several different piano teachers, I finally was referred to Dowell Idol
at the age of 11. I came to Mr. Idol with quite a few bad habits that had developed in my playing—
including major rhythmic issues. However, Dowell was so patient in helping me through them.
He didn’t take me entirely back to the basics, but first went through and filled in all the gaps of my
learning over the years. I had plenty of them—I had always viewed counting as optional—so that
really shows how patient Mr. Idol was with me.

Just a few months after lessons, Dowell entered me in my first piano competition (NCMTA),
which I continued to participate in for about five more years.

Although I consider myself classically trained, there was a balance in my repertoire. With Dowell I
explored other genres including ragtime, sacred/church music, contemporary Christian, and
contemporary pop. He was willing to aid me in all types of music that interested me.

He also supplied me with technique exercises and theory lessons which have better equipped
me for the world of music. Dowell not only corrected my early habits and taught me far beyond
that, but he also fostered in me a love and passion for music—something most invaluable.

Claire Gill
Mr. Idol is more than a voice/piano teacher, for the three years that I have been under his
teaching, he has been a friend, mentor, and inspiration.

His dedication for music and teaching is what makes me want to be a music educator. I am very
proud to be called one of his students. Because of Mr. Idol, I have become a better performer,
musician and have become more serious about always wanting to be better.

With his help and encouragement, I was able to get accepted into East Carolina University's
School of Music and obtained a scholarship. He has helped me along the way in my musical
journey and gave me confidence to perform.

If you're looking for a teacher who goes above and beyond to help his students then look no
further. Mr. Idol is that teacher. If it was not for him I would not be where I am today.
Claire Gill
Piano Student
Cory Whaley
Voice Student
Mr. Idol is a teacher that makes you proud to be his student. I have had other piano teachers in
the past, but none came close to Mr. Idol’s skill and ability to teach. At our first piano lesson, I
rehearsed and played a piece. In those two minutes, he was able to determine my skill level to
later advance my technique, performance, and musicality. I immediately knew he was the piano
teacher I'd been searching for.

And after six years, I know the choice to take on Mr. Idol as my mentor was an excellent decision. I
have advanced greatly as a musician and have been allowed the opportunity to play at numerous
competitions and events. Under his guidance, I have chosen to minor in piano performance in
college this fall.

He even landed me my first job as a church pianist! I owe all my musical advancements to the
man and recommend him to anyone seeking an exceptional piano teacher and friend.
Chelsea Abad
iano Student